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    World Congress of Accounting Historians

    14th World Congress of Accounting Historians

     CHIETI-PESCARA, ITALY, 25-27 June 2016

    Thank you all for participating

    See you in St. Petersburg for the 15th WCAH in 2020



Professor Massimo Sargiacomo and the Organizing Committee

Much time has passed since the “Fourth International Congress of the History of Accountancy” was successfully organized in Pisa in 1984 by Tito Antoni. The University Gabriele d’Annunzio  and its Department of Management and Business Administration are proud to host in 2016 the World Congress of Accounting Historians which will take place in Pescara, the trendy Italian seaside resort.
Supported by the Italian Society of Accounting History (SISR), the 14th WCAH will provide an international platform for scholars from around the world to present and discuss research across the full range of accounting history topics and methodological and theoretical perspectives. Papers in all fields of accounting history research are invited, with general strands and categories to be specified at a later stage.   > read more

Plenary Session

Saturday, 25th June 2016
9:30 – 12:45 AM

“Marrucino” Theatre
1, Via Cesare de Lollis
Chieti (CH)

Towards a Geneaology of Failure


Peter Miller

London School of Economics and Political Science

Professor of Management Accounting

Research Interests:
– Investment Appraisal in New Manufacturing Environments;
– Accounting in the New European Public Sector;
– Accounting as a Social and Institutional Practice.
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Massimo Sargiacomo

Full Professor, Business Administration

University Gabriele d’Annunzio

A Perspective on Learning from the Past


Gary J. Previts

Weatherhead School of Management – Case Western Reserve University

Professor, Accountancy

Research Interests:
– Development of Accounting Thought and Institutions;
– Regulation and Analysis of Corporate Disclosure;
– Education Policy.
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Barbara Merino

Regents Professor, and

Horace Brock Professor of Accounting

University of North Texas

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Accountants and the First World War


Stephen P. Walker

Business School – University of Edinburgh

Professor of Accounting

Research Interests:
– History of Accounting & Calculative Practices;
– Social Studies of Accounting & Accountability;
– The Accounting Profession;
– Gender Studies.
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Joni Young

Professor of Accounting

University of New Mexico, Anderson School of Management

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Symposium – Accounting History: Making it Matter; Making it Better

Sunday, 26th June 2016, 11:00 – 1:00 AM

University “G. d’Annunzio”
42, Viale Pindaro
Pescara (PE)


Marcia Annisette


Associate Professor of Accounting

The Schulich School of Business, York University

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Contabilità e Cultura Aziendale


Stefania Servalli


Associate professor,  Università degli studi di Bergamo

Research Interests:
– Accounting History;
– Business Administration.

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De Computis. Spanish Journal of Accounting History


Fernando G. Gutiérrez Hidalgo


Full professor,  Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla

Research Interests:
– Genesis and Use of Management Accounting Practices;
– Accounting History;
– Management Accounting;
– Social Theories Applied to the Accounting Change.

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China Accounting Museum

China Accounting MuseumXiaoming

Song Xiaoming


Associate professor, Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce

Research Interests:
– History of Accounting Theory
– Accounting

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Accounting Historians Journal


Gloria Vollmers


Professor of Accounting, University of Maine

Research Interests:
– Accounting History;
– Cost Accounting.

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Accounting History


Carolyn Fowler

Associate Editor

Associate Professor, Victoria University of Wellingtone

Research Interests:
– Developments in Management Accounting;
– The Impact of Information Technology in Accounting;
– Accounting Education and the Accounting Profession;
– Accounting History.

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Accounting History Review

Cheryl McWatters


Full Professor, Telfer School of Management –
University of Ottawa

Research Interests:
– Accounting;
– Management.

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Conference Venues

Teatro Marrucino

June 25th, 2016

Marrucino Theatre

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How to go to Chieti from Pescara

Palazzo de' Mayo

June 25th, 2016

de’ Mayo Palace

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Camera di Commercio du Chieti

June 25th, 2016

Chamber of Commerce

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Universita' degli Studi G. D'Annunzio

June 26th and 27th, 2016

University “G. d’Annunzio”

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Social Activities


Early Bird Cocktail

At sunset, facing seaward.

June 24th, 2016


Art, History and Culture

The Abruzzo region is rich in historical sites, unique combinations of art, history and popular culture. In order to celebrate this legacy, the First Plenary Session will be held at the splendid XVIII century Marrucino Theatre in the nearby city of Chieti.

June 25th, 2016


Music, Poetry and Architecture

The Abruzzo Region is also well known for its ‘stars’ who achieved an incredible success abroad . For example, the father of the actor, singer, musician and comedian Dean Martin (i.e., Dino Paul Crocetti) came from Pescara.

The so-called “divine poet” Gabriele d’Annunzio was often in the UK and abroad. In Pescara, his restored family birthplace is now a very attractive museum.

To continue this tradition, a welcome reception will be held in the beautiful Aurum Terrace, enlivened by the notes of a concert staged in the internal courtyard.

June 25th, 2016


Gala Dinner

The city originally comprised of two small fishing villages which were later merged by the Fascist government in 1927. Notably, Pescara is a very beautiful seaside resort well-known for its tasty dishes and endless sun-kissed sandy beaches. One of its most important landmarks is the Marina Yacht Club, where the Gala Dinner will take place.

June 26th, 2016